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PHP RANDOM NUMBER: Generate Random Numbers in PHP

The following tutorial will introduce you to one of the most common problems encountered in programming subjects. Later on, I will provide set of activities and quizzes for you to practice on to improve your programming skills.
Some other exercises are the following:

5.     Fibonacci Series

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A random function rand() is used to generate random integer numbers. I already done posting article about generating random numbers in Java

Syntax for random number


or if you want to specify numbers from a certain range then you used this syntax

Syntax for random number with limit


The following php code will generate random numbers.

PHP Code Random Number Generator

echo rand();
while following php code will generate random numbers between 100-2000.

PHP Code Random Number Generator

echo rand(100,2000);

Possible Output Random Number Generator

101 / 507 / 1250 / 899 / 1999

Try our Random Number Generator in PHP Live Here!

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PHP RANDOM NUMBER: Generate Random Numbers in PHP

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