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Hi there! I am an information management graduate and just wanna help you out especially those students who are about to take their capstone or thesis or senior project management subject. 

Here are some thesis titles related to Information Technology and Information Systems that will help you decide what thesis title are you going to propose.

  1. Enrolment and Students Statistics Information System
  2. Mapping and Reservation System for Heavens Gate Memorial Garden-Manapla
  3. CHMSC NSTP Information System
  4. Classroom Open Educational Resources
  5. Construction Estimate System
  6. Interactive CHMSC- Talisay Map
  7. Parish Information Management System
  8. AACUP Accreditation Record Management System
  9. Online Library Collection of Hiligaynon Urban Legends
  10. Health Management Information System
  11. Development and Implementation of CHMSC Registrar Queuing System
  12. Automated Payroll System
  13. E-Resources of CHMSC Researches
  14. Thrift Trip:  A Financial Literacy  Game-Based Mobile Learning
  15. Online Activity and Facility Booking System
  16. Integrated Enrolment System
  17. E- Barangay Management System
  18. Electronic Barangay Information System
  19. On the Job Training Management System
  20. Student Attendance Monitoring System
  21. Tourism Information System For Talisay City
  22. Product Management System
  23. Business Forecast Planner with Graphical Analysis
  24. Human Resurce Management System
  25. Dental Clinic Management System
  26. Maintenance and Repair Service Management System
  27. Criminal Records and Information Management System
  28. Hospital Billing System
  29. Medical Supply Inventory System
  30. Barangay Information System
  31. Online Tourism Support 
  32. Exam Generator
  33. Patient Safety Record Management  System
  34. Online Learning Management System
  35. Online Social Welfare System
  36. Library Management System
  37. Web-based Voting System
  38. Web-based Employment Support System 
  39. Hospital Management System
  40. Career Placement & Alumni Tracking System
  41. Web-Base Employment Support System
  42. Patient Safety Record Management System
  43. Online Learning Management System
  44. Dental Clinic Record Management System
  45. Human  Resource Integrated System
  46. Web Based Voting System For Rafael B. Lacson Memorial High School
  47. Tourism Information System For Talisay City
  48. Computerized Enrolment and Billing System
  49. Maintenance & Repair Services Management System
  50. Medical Supply Inventory System
  51. APMC Business Systems:Point of Sale, Inventory and Patronage Tracking of Paglaum Multi-purpose Cooperative
  52. Personnel Record Management System for DEPED-Division of Silay
  53. Monitoring System of Supplies and Equipment for the ICT Department
  54. Human Resource Management System for Carlos Hilado Memorial State College
  55. Supply and Property Management System for Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Talisay
  56. Computerized Voting System for Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas
  57. Electronic Voting System for Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Talisay
  58. Proposed Library System with Online Public Access Catalog
  59. Library System with Online Public Access Catalog
  60. Timetabling System
  61. Library Information System for Rafael B. Lacson Memorial High School
  62. A proposed School Website and Payment System of and Elementary School
  63. Universal Crop Insurance Ssystem for the Office of Provincial Agriculturist
  64. Loan Management System for Small-Scale Credit Cooperative
  65. Proposed Supply Inventory System for DEPED Division of Silay City
  66. Proposed Timetabling System for the Registrar’s Office
  67. SMS Billing Information System
  68. Online Public Access Catalogue
  69. Online Grade Inquiry and Submission System
  70. Online Sales Evaluation of CHMSC
  71. Online Faculty Evaluation of CHMSC 
  72. Planters Information System
  73. Automated Voting System
  74. Online Membership and Billing System
  75. Online Lot Reservation and Housing Inquiry System
  76. Loan Management System
  77. Sales and Inventory System
  78. Billing and Medical Records
  79. Human Resource Management System
  80. Sugarcane Planters Information and Billing System
  81. Document Management System
  82. Automated Voting System
  83. Loan Monitoring System
  84. Online Hotel Reservation System
  85. Online Sales System
  86. Sales and Inventory System
  87. SMS Billing Information System
  88. Online Grade Inquiry and Submission System
  89. CHMSCnet
  90. Computerized Enrolment and Billing System
  91. Online Membership and Billing System
  92. Online Public Access Catalogue
  93. Car Rental Management System For Nyala Tours
  94. Online Rental System For Silver & Gold Fashion
  95. Enrolment & Assessment System for CHMSC talisay
  96. Classroom Time and Internet Management System for CHMSC Computer Laboratory Talisay City
  97. Online Math Tutorial System for CHMSC Laboratory School Prep Department
  98. Computerized Point of System for Ironman 4X4 Philippines, Inc.
  99. Automated Class Scheduling System For CHMSC Talisay
  100. Online Reservation For Buenos Aires Mountain Resort
  101. Assets Inventory System For ICT Office of CHMSC Talisay 
  102. Grade Inquiry System For CHMSC-Registrar Talisay
  103. Solid Gold Builders and Home Depot Online Ordering System
  104. Online Scheduling System For CHMSC Talisay
  105. Online Job Placement System For Prime Skills Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  106. Guidance Information System For CHMSC
  107. Product Information System For Pale Bleue Clothing Line  Robinson’s Branch
  108. Automated Library System
  109. Silay City Public Library
  110. Automated Payroll System
  111. Talisay Elementary School
  112. Billing System
  113. Ral Home Trading Bacolod Branch
  114. Record System
  115. Talisay City Health Office
  116. Computerized Enrolment System
  117. Red Aeronautics and Technological Institute
  118. Reservation and Billing System For Saltimboca Tourist Inn
  119. Billing and Inventory System For Asher Allied
  120. Marketing Mckinley St., Silay City
  121. Archiving and Records Management System For CHMSC
  122. Computerized Raw Materials Inventory System For Jollibee Foods Corporation-Lacson Branch,Bacolod City
  123. Automated Scheduling System System For CHMSC Talisay
  124. Computerized Voting System For CHMSC-SSG Election Talisay Main Campus
  125. Computerized Payroll System For J5 Intersale, Inc. Goldenfield Commercial Complex
  126. Computerized Student Records System For Open Door Academy
  127. Daily Time Record Keeping For Contractual Workers of Bacolod City Water District

    Hope this helps! ^_^


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