Monday, April 4, 2016


This is a simple Inventory Management System that will support management of all items, reorder points, and inventory records for efficient and accurate inventory management. This will help the organization to easily keep track inventory reports, to easily identify what products needs reorder. The system will also support decision-making by providing an up-to-date and accurate sales and inventory report.

Here are the sample screenshots of the inventory system with sample dummy data.

The Inventory Management System have the following features:

  1. Add new products
  2. Update and View List of Products
  3. Updated inventory of products
  4. Add, Update, List Units used in store such as kg, meter, pcs, etc
  5. Add, Update and List all product categories
  6. Stock in Products (Add quantity to existing products)
  7. Stock out Products (Products that have been sold)
  8. Add, Update and List Customers
  9. Customer Transactions/Accounts
  10. List of Customers with Remaining Balances
  11. Sales Report
  12. Notifications for products that needs reorder.
The user of the system will be the administrator. Inventory Management System's  main function is easy management and inventory of products and customer accounts. This system is made of bootstrap for the interface/design and PHP for the scripting and MySQL for the database.

You can download the zip file of the inventory management system on this inventory management system and extract it in your www folder if your using LAMP/WAMP and htdocs if your using XAMPP.

Username is admin
Password is 1

Hope it helps! ^_^


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