Thursday, July 14, 2016

HTML 5 Simple Activities

Constant practice makes a work perfect. So to be able to learn skills in HTML, you need to practice more activities related to it. I have here simple activities to create a simple form that uses HTML5. This is important especially if you want to later on create a database-driven web sites since HTML will serve as your front-end or your graphical user interface (GUI).

Simple HTML5 Activities - Sign Up Form

Create a webpage like the picture below using the different HTML tags. Use the appropriate input controls provided below with their corresponding placeholder if applicable.
First Name --> textbox
Last Name --> textbox
Birthday --> date
Gender --> radiobutton
Address --> textarea
Country --> Combobox
Email --> Email 
Password --> Password
I agree --> checkbox
Signup --> submit
Clear --> reset

Contact Us Form

For another activity, create a simple contact us form like on the image below. You can apply styles using CSS to make it beautiful if you like.

Full Name --> textbox
Email --> email
Subject --> combobox
COntent --> textarea
Send --> submit
Clear --> reset 

Make sure to  markup all your html tags properly.

HTML 5 Simple Activities

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