Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Globe Aztech Modem No Internet

Internet has been an integral part of a company nowadays most especially in an IT Company. So internet must be up 24/7 to satisfy clients. I experienced problems such as some modems have no internet connection and having troubles in calling customer service cause it takes time for them to answer your call.

I always encounter a red led light for the internet every time the 5 Globe Modem starts simultaneously. Got 5 modems and turned it off every night. The problem always occur every morning and sometimes multiple resetting will solve the problem (But it takes time and sometimes it doesn’t). A call to Globe customer service and the Globe technician was always made and the technician said  “resetting of the connection from the server is the only solution to that”.

And then I found a work around to be able to ease my job and I will share it to you.

Step 1: Connect to your modem either via wifi or wired connection.
Step 2: Access your modem’s gateway like using a web browser (it depends on your modem).

Step 3: Log in using the following credentials (These are the default admin account and can be found online. Got mine from PinoyDSL)
Username: admin
Password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

Step 4: Click on the Advanced Mode
Step 5: Under the WAN tab, scroll down and click the apply button below. Wait for the page to refresh and your red led light will turn to green.

Hope this works for you also cause this really works for me 100%.

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Globe Aztech Modem No Internet

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